Saturday, March 7, 2009

The story so far...

Alright! Alright! I get it, i haven't posted in a long ass time. Mah bad! Been busy raidin. Pretty much life consists of work, food, sleep, and pug raids. Occasionally i get to go out and do stuff. But mainly raid. Last time i posted, we had a bunch of alts that were on the way to 80. Here's how far we got.

Wonderbread - 80 - geared enough to run pretty much all end game content as ret/holy/prot.
Holynub - 80 - Just hit 80. Ghetto gear
Sendou - 80 - Tank gear is pretty good. Can handle as a Naxx tank. DPS gear is lacking.
Hikoa - 73 - Just got him to dalaran for JC stuff.
Puinsai - 80 - Epic gear. Naxx worthy
Upolu - 80 - Basically pop's main raiding toon. Naxx cleared. gear good. but still needs a few pieces.
Bakatare - 80 - Some gear. DPS is rather low. pops mainly uses druid to farm.
Kekuhaupio - 80 - Primarily Nax10 tank gear. More than capable of Nax25. DPS gear is decent.
Kahokunui - 80 - Kek's new DPS toon. He rips shit up.
Kukailimoku - 73 - Grinded up a bit... but kinda stopped caring.
Yosemitesam - 70 - Yup.. Aint touchin this for a LONG time.

And there we have it folks!