Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Completionist 2014: Strike Vector (Added)

Oh I am caving hardcore on this one. Strike Vector is a game I've been following since its announcement. Space dog fighting sim. HELLZ TO THE YES. It fills a niche that has been void for... Forever? I'm hoping this will hold me over till Star Citizen gets its dog fighting module finished.




Sunday, January 26, 2014

Completionist 2014: God Mode

Huh. Almost had this one finished. I've uploaded a bunch of videos in the past about this game. It's very simple, and quite a bit of fun. Mindless coop third person shooter with leveling elements included in it. I got the 4 pack during a steam sale, each copy was around $2.50. Definitely worth $2.50. Had a lot of fun playing it. Its a fun game to relax and unwind with your friends with. The beginning is pretty rough, until you're able to get enough gold to start upgrading your guns. But once you start upgrading, it gets more manageable. Each area you fight in has a statue that grants random effects to the area. Some are good, some are not so good. It adds a bit of randomness to the game which helps keeping things fresh. Only real downside is that it doesn't have anything that stands out as a "WOW THIS GAME IS AWESOME I SHOULD TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!" It feels a bit of a middle of the road. Not great. Not bad. Definitely not a bad purchase by any means. And I appreciate that.



Yesssssssssss. Moovin on up.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Completionist 2014: Sanctum

Wooh! Finally beat it. Very fun Tower Defense game that has FPS shooting in the mix. The waves are random so it can be a crap shoot. You can try to prepare for what you think is going to be coming, but instead you get dealt something completely different. Then you're fucked. But, once you get a good adaptive style down, you can take on just about everything. I like how you have to pick a load-out of weapons and towers before every match. It lets you ponder a bit on the mob's pathing in relation to both the towers you're taking and the weapons.



WOOOH!!! Finally broke even! Time to buy a bunch of stupid shit!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Completionist 2014: Sniper Elite V2

Herrrr mah gerd. Sniper Elite V2 is down. Man it was a lot of fun. The COOP on it is also fantastic. I was impressed how the game would let you play through in multiple styles. I'm not so good at the sneaky sneaky. But the shooty shooty worked out pretty well. I already beat the zombie expansion with Chingi and Thordynn. This series is pretty fun. Gotta give it a DENOUTTADEN. I might pick up the 3rd game.



Wooh! Almost at zero!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Completionist 2014: Magic The Gathering

RING DING DONG! I was almost finished with this game for a long time. Just didn't do the final push to finish it up. BUWAHAHAHAHAAH! Now it is finished! Only the single player campaign. I didn't do all the extra challenges etc. I've put in a ton of hours playing this against Thordyn, Wier and Chingi. Had a blast. I think 2013 is actually better than 2014 in terms of features. They got rid of Plansechase in 2014 which was a huge bummer.



Moovin on up. I'm only half as negative than when I started tonight.

Completionist 2014: Stanley Parable

DING! Stanley Parable completed. All endings viewed. I did have some help from the endings wiki. Super fun game. I loved the way it used the narrator to provide feedback on your actions and also guide you through the game. Definitely loved the illusion of choice.

Score +1 


Meh... Its progress.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Completionist 2014: The Story So Far

Well, I jumped straight into this without giving any back story huh? Alright, here's my first score card for 2014. Lets start it off on a good note!


  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE
  • Deadpool
  • Magic 2014 (Just cleared tonight. YEAHHHHHHH)



  • Dayz
  • Darksiders
  • Darksiders II
  • Alan Wake
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Interstellar Marines
  • Risk of Rain


Wait what!? MOTHER FUCKS. Fuckin... Goddamn Steam sale going till January 3rd. FUCK. Alright, I got this. I got this. No worries beef curries. Holynub will prevail!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steam Completionist Profile

Oh sweet! This will totally help. It's a total history for all my steam games, but I can use it to track what's been beaten and what hasn't. WOOH! PROGRESS!

Holynub's Steam Completionist Profile

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holynub 2014 Challenge: Completionist

YAYYYYYY 2014. Wooh! Oh boy! Wait, this feels just like last year but I'm older and shittier at games. GODDAMNIT! Alright. This year will be different. Lets get motivated!

Annnnd we're off to a good start
This year, the year of 2014, I shall attempt to keep a zero or positive sum on my Game Library. What does that mean? For every game I would like to Buy, I must beat a game. This is to help curb my retarded spending habits and reel back on picking up those SHWEET SHWEET GAME BUNDLES.

I'm looking at you. You sexy thing.
Alright before this gets out of hand. Lets lay down the law. There is NOOOO WAY I'm doing this all free ballin.

Here are my guidelines for taking this challenge:

GOAL: End the year with the largest possible score.
  1. Cleared Games +1 to my score
  2. Games purchased in 2014 will -1 from my score
    1. Pre-ordered games from 2013/2012 that release in 2014 will subtract from the score (like "Star Citizen")
  3. Single player games must have their campaigns completed in order to consider it "cleared.
  4. DLC does not count towards or against a game's completion. It is just extra.
  5. Multiplayer games cannot account for completion unless a metric is established and met.
    1. Metrics must be posted here prior to attempting
  6. Anytime a game has been completed, I must post something here on the blog.
    1. Screenshots, completion achievements, etc. must be posted to confirm completion
  7. Perpetual games can be counted IF a metric can be set
    1. Perpetual games can be defined as sandbox games with little to no goal except goals determined by the player (I.E. DayZ, Kerbal Space Program sandbox, Starbound, etc.)
    2. MMO's may fall under this category if I have played it to level cap. 
  8. Only games completed/purchased in 2014 will count towards the challenge. 
    1. Games completed in the past will be set as ZERO (Neither counting for or against)
  9. If a game is determined too difficult for my puny human brain, I may concede defeat to "clear" the game, but must wallow in shame because I am not worthy.
    1. Conceded games must be posted here with a gigantic "I PUSSED OUT" title along with the game.
    2. That post must then contain random excuses as to why I couldn't beat it when the reality is that I am bad at games and have dishonored my famiry.

I may or may not add things to this list... I'll try my best to keep things within the spirit of the competition. Well. That's the challenge. I will try my best to keep posting stuff on the blog whenever I puss out, I mean victoriously win at a game... Yeah...

Updated 1/15: Added what the goal of the challenge was and how scoring is calculated.