Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Completionist 2014: Titanfall

HA! Titanfall has a campaign! And I have beaten it. Yes, it plays exactly like any other multiplayer match. But hey, its a metric. So far, having a blast with Titanfall. I love the pacing, the play-style, and oh yeah THERE'S HUGE FUCKING ROBOTS. Probably my only gripe with Titanfall is the lack of any MMR type of matchmaking. Really blows when you're jumping in a match with all rank 1s on your team and all rank 30+ on the other. At least the losses come quickly.


>SCORE = -1

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Completionist 2014: Bunch of Heroes

Okay. This was not the game I thought it was. I thought it was going to be a silly "Ha ha I'ma roflstomp this game." Boy. What I wrong. This game tested my gaming fortitude in a manner that I haven't had in a long while. It plays from a top-down isometric perspective. It is sorta reminiscent of games like Smash TV or Total Carnage. Whew. Beating this game felt like a great accomplishment. One that I was not expecting at all. I should have the footage up on the youtubes sometime soon.


>SCORE = -2

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Completionist 2014: Battlefield 3 Campaign

Well. That took longer than I thought. Yeahhh, I never touched the Battlefield 3 campaign. Played a lot of the multi-player though. And that's all that really mattered. But for the challenge, I'll take a swipe at the low hanging fruit. Heheheheh. Still, the campaign was not too terrible. Something out of a typical action movie. All the flashbacks and what not. My only complaint is the goddamn quick time events. And there's also a lot of fucking staring at scenery and "Taking it all in" moments. But, the campaign felt way more fleshed out in BF3 than BF4. Which may be a good thing or a bad thing. Depending on what you're priorities are.


>SCORE = -3

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Completionist 2014: Super Motherload

Wow... Just wow. I can't believe I've done it. I've hit the MOTHERLOAD! First.. You dig.. Then.. You upgrade. THEN YOU DIG SOMMORE! While it may sound repetitious, there is a sort of zen you feel. And watching that money rake in as you return to your base to cash in on your well deserved loot, while they play that cash register "Cha-ching!" The feeling is soooooo satisfying. TIME WELL SPENT. Now to get Ching to coop it with me. It will be glorious.

> SCORE = -4

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Completionist 2014: Sanctum 2

WOOOH!!!! Sanctum 2 down! Ching and I had a blast playing the first Sanctum. So we continued the FPS Tower Defense genre in Sanctum 2! Sanctum 2 really improved on the mechanics of the first Sanctum. You no longer have to balance upgrading your weapons over towers. Tower upgrades have been tuned much better, and there are only 3 ranks instead of 5. We'll probably try to tackle an endless wave map sometime, but for now I'll keep it as a notch in my belt. I'll probably update this post when I get around to uploading the gameplay I was able to capture.


SCORE = -5