Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wier Reviews: Dragon Age 2

Cool logo right? I mean it just exudes an aura of bad assery that most men dare not to dream possible in a RPG. But alas, beauty is merely skin deep in what I had hoped to be the next great step in a new and glorious series. Let me preface this review with a few notes about how I had originally planned to approach reviewing this game. At first I thought I would just do a direct compare and contrast to Dragon Age Origins but I found that would be a too depressing prospect the longer I played the game. Then I considered making it a "10 reasons why Dragon Age 2 is WORSE than real life" to be an amusing doppelganger to my DA:O review. Then I finished the game and the disillusioned rage I felt at that point filled my heart with such great darkness that I could not even begin to take the affront as lightly as I had hoped. The game had evolved into something higher level than the farce I thought it to be, it had become a cruel visage of something I had grown to love and a stain on the honor of the reputable story tellers at Bioware. Lo' the sky did darken and the heavens did split and from the blackness poured into our world a mediocre Bioware game!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Wrath of the Lich King Videos

Well... Since I'm on a youtube streak.  I'm gonna just throw up a bunch of old Wrath videos I had laying around.  Need to clear out this hard drive yo.

ICC 25 raiding as an Unholy DK(spew)

Lord Marrowgar

Monday, April 4, 2011

Satellite Guild Raiding Videos: Blackwing Descent

So a few of our guildies took some videos of our Blackwing Descent raids.  Just wanted to post them here and give them a nice little shout out. I love hearing our vent in videos.

Satellite vs. Magmaw - WIN!

Satellite vs. Maloriak - WIN!

Satellite vs. Nefarian - WIN?