Sunday, November 23, 2008


Lvl 24 Giant Asian/Nordic dood.
professions: Kicking Ass, Taking Names
+15 asian gaming racial
+15 nordic alcohol tolerance (overwrites asian alcohol weakness)


Friday, November 14, 2008


This will be the official Holynub Report Ding post. Feel free to tell teh world. You dingied. LETS GET TO WORK PEOPLE!

Wonderbread(US-Dragonblight)- 80 11/23/2008 RRIIINNGG DINNNG DONNNGG!
Thordyn -enhancement shaman- (US-Alleria) - 80 11/27/08 Thanksgiv-DING!!!!!
Thordynn -retribution paladin (US-Alleria)- 71 12/01/08 Dingbat!!!
Thorgasmic -deathknight- (US-Alleria) -58 DING! Created 11/21/08

EDIT: WTF? What's with all the thor-stuff names? Holy original batman.

RE: EDIT: my first character was named Thorden, after reading about a supposedly real person named Thorden Longbeard. The character is a dwarf with a really long beard and I wanted to use maces, the name kinda fit. Everyone calls me thor in /G so I just went with it. Also, we had a DK naming thread and they demanded I name my DK Thorgasm, which was taken so I named him Thorgasmic.

P.S. I actually did come up with it on my own, but realized later that it is infact one of the randomly generated names. I am currently in the process of going through all the servers and killing each of them. There can be only one THORDEN!!!

Edit again: What's this!? Where's you pally leveling!?

RE Edit again: I am not leveling my pally yet, I switched my main to an enhancement shaman.
Who will be the Ding King? Only time will tell.
EDIT REPLY: Enh Shaman? Quitter!
RE: Edit Reply: I was tired of healing. Wanted to try something new.


zomg you haxxored it!!! grats man!!! I haz also dinged.

AFK lvling to 80

Yeahhh... haven't been posting anything lately... BRB.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Epic Fallout 3 thread is Epic

What is the most messed up thing you have done in Fallout 3?

Fable 2 opening thoughts

So I was faced with the decision this week of eating for the next two weeks or finally fucking buying a TV and an X-box.

The fact that I am posting here should tell you where that decision went. So anyway, I went to the local Game Stop and said "gimmie gimmie omfg gimmie". Fallout 3 was sold out. After flipping out and killing everyone in the store other then the employees, I was calmed slightly as the scared huddle of employees flung a copy of Fable 2 at me.

So I bought the X-box which also came with Legos Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda "oh goodie". I had those ranked #3 on my list. Not the list of games I wanted, but rather the list of stuff I would use as an unpleasant substitute to toilet paper in a pinch. The #1 and #2 spots being termite infested tree bark and a macaroni picture of Dr. Phil respectively.

So I have been playing Fable 2 a little bit. I haven't finished the game by any means. Instead I am taking my time and enjoying every little intricate detail of the game.
Such as spreading my super impreganatory man seed across the land amongst the fair women of Albion. Also, yes I am being sarcastic when I say fair. There be some ugly bitches in Albion, but they got some nice titties, I'll give them that. "Dammit where is the motor boat expression!?"

So apparently after only one night of passionate ugly bumping, my impressively potent sperm count does it's magic... oh sorry magic doesn't exist in Fable... "imposes it's will" on the helpless ovaries of my beautiful ladies. Boom Baby!!!

So I have taken to sheathing mine mighty sword so as not to go insane from the incessant nagging of the little ones. Another cute new feature of Fable 2 is being able to give nicknames to NPCs. This in and of itself gave me quite a bit of fun, but after naming my wives "cum dumpster, executive slut and ho bag", my creativity waned.
My lovely wife "cum dumpster"

My Character: Having played Fable 1 and really liking the role of ninja-like slow time dude that flips out and kills people, I went along the same path as far as will and looks as I did in the original. Maybe it's because I never got over how badass Shadow from Final Fantasy was. Given the opportunity I couldn't pass it down. (although I could never really get into being a rogue in WoW... hmm go figure). However, dying all my clothes black unlocked the "Goth" achievement, I almost / wrists in celebration.
The shadow knows
However, apparently this "bums out" a lot of the folk in a lot of the towns and for the most part I wouldn't have given a fuck, but I decided to make my first character a good one and I am at least trying to upkeep a good moral standing with the townsfolk, short of boning all their women. So I sprung some cash to get some nice threads, a pony tail and some wicked chops. However, this made me look like Russel Crowe from Master and Commander.
Oi Tugga! Thems looks like they wanna Foight!!!
Although, not in and of itself a bad thing, it wasn't really vibing with my whole ninja hero mystique.

Gameplay: So the new set-up for organizing will spells is pretty awesome I have to admit. The initial confusion I had with setting up the spells in the right spots, I will accredit to my own retardedness. Once you realize that you shouldn't be switching between different spells of the same level during combat, stuff gets a lot easier.

Anyway, If you want to be an awesome ninja badass shadow like myself, here is how to set it up.

Level 1 slow time is essential. The slow time spell has been merged with the assassin rush spell in the first fable, which is a great idea. To use the assassin rush effect of slow time just point your left thumbstick in the direction of the baddy you want to sneak up on and tap b.

Level 2 blades. Good surround spell that you can use to whittle off health of a few or target one person and use the assassin rush to get behind that sorry biotch and slash him in the back while he gets impaled by your spirit blades for a bad ass ninja combo.

level 3 chaos. I usually open with this spell to buy me a little time. Followed by a quick lvl 1 slow time, then blades and then I just start assassin rushing the bastards.

level 4 force push. I just got this, but I figured it would be good if I was just completely fucked. lvl 1 slow time and then charge up this bad boy and you can get yourself out of some sticky situations.

level 5 blades. I haven't actually gotten this yet, but I intended to use it as my big focus KaBoom spell in boss battles.

Stats: Speed>Toughness=Physique>Accuracy.
The ninja spec is all about speed and finesse. You will want to pick up the Roll ability from Dexterous styles to dodge out of the way of enemies and Flourish is nice to dell out some nice damage at the end of a brutal combo.

Weapons- melee weapon -Katana for the speed and + 15 to looking the part
ranged weapon -Pistol for the speed again. You aren't going to need to be sniping people from afar the key is to be in the mindset of "ninja flipping out".

Clothing- Bandit bandana- only the eyes are visible= very ninja.
Moonless Midnight dye- veil the world in shadows= very ninja.

Anyway, those are my opening thoughts for Fable 2. My next character is going to be an evil female sorcerer. Keep tuned!!!