Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wier Reviews: Fallout 3: New Vegas DLCs

It has been awhile since I have sat down to write a post for the blog which is something I want to start doing more regularly so here we go. I return to you all with my triumphant review of all 4 major DLCs for Fallout 3: New Vegas! And as all good stories go...this one begins at genesis, er the first DLC rather.

Dead Money begins as pretty much every Fallout 3 DLC begins, with a radio signal. The mysterious broadcast calls upon would be treasure hunters to come find great treasure at the grand opening of and Old World casino called the Sierra Madre. You, as the courier and a fool, decide to go investigate the signal whereupon you find yourself meeting the black out screen once again only to wake up in an even worse situation than before. Rather than spoil the major plot elements of the story behind the DLC I'm going to instead talk about what new game play aspects are introduced to you and how well they work. Granted there will be a little bit of general spoilers here but it wont be anywhere near telling you the following; "WELL DIS GUY AT DA END TELLS U HEZ UR FATHUR! :B".