Friday, November 14, 2008


This will be the official Holynub Report Ding post. Feel free to tell teh world. You dingied. LETS GET TO WORK PEOPLE!

Wonderbread(US-Dragonblight)- 80 11/23/2008 RRIIINNGG DINNNG DONNNGG!
Thordyn -enhancement shaman- (US-Alleria) - 80 11/27/08 Thanksgiv-DING!!!!!
Thordynn -retribution paladin (US-Alleria)- 71 12/01/08 Dingbat!!!
Thorgasmic -deathknight- (US-Alleria) -58 DING! Created 11/21/08

EDIT: WTF? What's with all the thor-stuff names? Holy original batman.

RE: EDIT: my first character was named Thorden, after reading about a supposedly real person named Thorden Longbeard. The character is a dwarf with a really long beard and I wanted to use maces, the name kinda fit. Everyone calls me thor in /G so I just went with it. Also, we had a DK naming thread and they demanded I name my DK Thorgasm, which was taken so I named him Thorgasmic.

P.S. I actually did come up with it on my own, but realized later that it is infact one of the randomly generated names. I am currently in the process of going through all the servers and killing each of them. There can be only one THORDEN!!!

Edit again: What's this!? Where's you pally leveling!?

RE Edit again: I am not leveling my pally yet, I switched my main to an enhancement shaman.
Who will be the Ding King? Only time will tell.
EDIT REPLY: Enh Shaman? Quitter!
RE: Edit Reply: I was tired of healing. Wanted to try something new.


zomg you haxxored it!!! grats man!!! I haz also dinged.


  1. DING!~ Wonderbread 72 at 11:42pm hawaii time. God... 8 more to go.

  2. dude you should just amend the original post, that way we can see the progression easier.