Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Where's dat Holy guy at?

w0rd.  Alright, I get it.  I've been gone for a bit.  Sorry bout that.  Been doing some... STUFF.  Yeah.  STUFF.  Big whoop, wanna fight about it?  Anyways, we got some stuff BREWING here at the report.  I'm trying to finish this god awful long HCI article part 3.  That's there.  I'm also putting together some reviews.  Well, maybe not REVIEW reviews.  But perhaps just little quips about a bunch of games I grinded through recently.

On a bummer note, last month my PS3 got the Yellow Light of DEATH.  I didn't even know that existed.  What the YLoD is, it's 100x worse than the 360's Red Ring.  This stupid yellow light basically locks the system up completely.  I had a disc still inside my PS3 when this happened.  And in there it remained.  The system wouldn't even eject the goddamn disc.  Well, I decided to ship it back to the wonderful folks at Sony to get it fixed.  Because I have one of the original units, it was out of warranty.  So that's about $200 to get that fixed, no big.  At least I can still play all my old PS2 games on it.  Alright cool, I get my PS3 fixed rite?  Wellllll when they shipped it back to me, they wiped my HDD clean.  I mean, full format, all games/saves erased clean.  Le sigh. 

I'm not too upset about most of it.  What did piss me off is the fact that all that time playing FFXIII has been flushed down the shitter.  Now I gotta sludge threw 35+ hours of hallways AGAIN.  Yeah.  Finding it REALLY hard to get motivated to do that again.  Which in itself is sad because I used to love Final Fantasy.  No matter how bad it was.  Oh wells.  They(No, I don't know who the fuck THEY are.) say your taste in food changes every 6 yearsish.  I guess my taste in video games are changing as well.

 Bummer note aside, I'm plugging away at things.  Hopefully I can get this godforsaken article done and we can get back to crazy stupid random video game crap again. 

Post Thought:  This really turned into a PS3-dying-wah-wah rant.


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