Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop. GUI Time.

Alright. Back to it. GUI Time. Godddamnit. Was not looking for ward to this. I fucking suck at GUIs. Alright, this belly achin aint gonna help any. Lets get crankin.  Fuck... I have no clue how to make frames and shit in WoW... Time to get studying.

Well. Looks like I need to learn how to use XML. Which I was looking at studying anyway, so what the fuck. Why not now?

Huh, looks like this guide I'm reading requires me to follow thier tutorial. I guess I could shelf the calculator for now, just until i get a handle on the whole XML thing.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.  Really... Really XML?  All these fucking open tag, close tag. Stuff shit within the tag. Have a tag make a new tag. FUCK YOU! Ugh... I probably wouldn't be as pissed off if it gave some kind of feedback like "You misspelt this dumbass." or something.

GODDAMNUT. Spent 15 minutes dicking around with two files BECAUSE OF CAPITOLIZATION. Meng. Shit like that really grinds my gears. Herp derp, You didn't put a CAPITAL P there. I'm going to give you an obscure null reference error now deal with it. Fuck you compiler.

Huh. that's a new slash command. /framestack.  That kinda helps when doing GUI stuff. At least doing that, you know what is what UI element. That's kinda nice.

You know what. That's good enough for me here. I'm totally fine with stopping. I have created a simple UI. there's no buttons on it. It has a picture. It actually uses the graphics from the Bank. It's not exactly what I want. But it's a start. Till next time. Same Holy place. Same Holynub.


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