Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holynub 2014 Challenge: Completionist

YAYYYYYY 2014. Wooh! Oh boy! Wait, this feels just like last year but I'm older and shittier at games. GODDAMNIT! Alright. This year will be different. Lets get motivated!

Annnnd we're off to a good start
This year, the year of 2014, I shall attempt to keep a zero or positive sum on my Game Library. What does that mean? For every game I would like to Buy, I must beat a game. This is to help curb my retarded spending habits and reel back on picking up those SHWEET SHWEET GAME BUNDLES.

I'm looking at you. You sexy thing.
Alright before this gets out of hand. Lets lay down the law. There is NOOOO WAY I'm doing this all free ballin.

Here are my guidelines for taking this challenge:

GOAL: End the year with the largest possible score.
  1. Cleared Games +1 to my score
  2. Games purchased in 2014 will -1 from my score
    1. Pre-ordered games from 2013/2012 that release in 2014 will subtract from the score (like "Star Citizen")
  3. Single player games must have their campaigns completed in order to consider it "cleared.
  4. DLC does not count towards or against a game's completion. It is just extra.
  5. Multiplayer games cannot account for completion unless a metric is established and met.
    1. Metrics must be posted here prior to attempting
  6. Anytime a game has been completed, I must post something here on the blog.
    1. Screenshots, completion achievements, etc. must be posted to confirm completion
  7. Perpetual games can be counted IF a metric can be set
    1. Perpetual games can be defined as sandbox games with little to no goal except goals determined by the player (I.E. DayZ, Kerbal Space Program sandbox, Starbound, etc.)
    2. MMO's may fall under this category if I have played it to level cap. 
  8. Only games completed/purchased in 2014 will count towards the challenge. 
    1. Games completed in the past will be set as ZERO (Neither counting for or against)
  9. If a game is determined too difficult for my puny human brain, I may concede defeat to "clear" the game, but must wallow in shame because I am not worthy.
    1. Conceded games must be posted here with a gigantic "I PUSSED OUT" title along with the game.
    2. That post must then contain random excuses as to why I couldn't beat it when the reality is that I am bad at games and have dishonored my famiry.

I may or may not add things to this list... I'll try my best to keep things within the spirit of the competition. Well. That's the challenge. I will try my best to keep posting stuff on the blog whenever I puss out, I mean victoriously win at a game... Yeah...

Updated 1/15: Added what the goal of the challenge was and how scoring is calculated.


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