Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Completionist 2014: Vanguard Princesses

Uhhh... I bought this... In a bundle... Ummm... I don't know how I feel. Part shame. Part tingly in my pants. But mostly shame. Wellllll. Tingly parts. Lets go 50/50 on those.

So I knew this was going to be a fighting game. But I did not realize how... Fan service-y this was going to be. Boy oh boy. Fan service. I actually have to give these guys some credit at how thorough they were with the fan service. You got a "thing" you like? They put it in there. We got Loli's and boobies, tsudere's, yandere's, Maids, skimpy outfits. They got it all! Alright alright. Lets get beyond the "graphics".

As a combat game, the game speed felt different. My background in fighting game is more breadth rather than depth. Playing Vanguard Princess felt more of a simplified Guilty Gear sort of engine. I felt that the fights lacked a bit of *snap* or maybe even speed that you'd find in other 2D fighters, like MVC3 or SFxT. Kinda think they may have focused a bit more on the animations rather than the gameplay. Hey, that's just me. Sayin that. And havin an opinion. Maybe its just me staring at the animations more than I should have. Who knows. The controls have been boiled down 5 buttons: Light, Medium, Heavy, Support, and Parry. Technically parry can be triggered by pressing two attack buttons simultaneously, but I like that its bound to a single button by default.

I had to play the game through on Easy. Why? Because I suck at this game. No really. I'm terrible. There's a reason why I don't pickup too many fighting games. I end up button-mashing till I find a combination that works, then cheese the fuck out of it till I win. Vanguard Princess really doesn't let you do that. Characters have a style of play that you kind of need to stick to in order to be successful. And the AI is very unforgiving during the campaign. There were definitely moments of great frustration, especially if you can't get in the groove of a particular character. Again, this is coming from a fighting noob.

Overall, I will probably never play this game EVAR AGAIN. I just can't do it. Playing the game provided little enjoyment. The fighting engine just isn't my type. The characters are fun to look at, but I can feel society judging me while I do so. The lack of proper game options also majorly killed it for me. I forgot to mention you can't control simple things like, Game sound or resolution. The game runs on a set resolution, but you can played in a windowed mode that has no presets outside of "tiny". Kind of a big thing. Especially when the game starts blasting music at you when it boots. Yeah nope. Glad I was able to beat it with two characters, but that's my limit.

>SCORE = -24

*EDIT* Bonus footage!


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