Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Completionist 2014: One Finger Death Punch

THANK GOD. Finally got a win under my belt. One Finger Death Punch was the main reason I bought that Indie Gala bundle. I have seen gameplay for it from a while back, and it looked insane. And you know what, it is insane. Its fucking insane. This game has TWO GODDAMN BUTTONS. And its probably one of the most challenging things I've played in a long while. I believe most of the frustration that builds stems from the fact that the game's controls are so simple. There is this inherent feeling of "There's only two fucking buttons. If you can't do this, you must be functionally retarded." But that notion could not be further from the truth. For a game with only two buttons, there is a surprising amount of strategy.

One Finger Death Punch tests your twitch reflexes as much as it does your ability to plan out a chaotic situation. At the start the game appears to be a button mashing, quick twitch, almost Quick Time Event sorta game. But as you begin to progress to harder and more advanced levels, I had begun to realize something. You can't just wail away at your enemies. Environmental factors such as weapons and skills will sometimes make the situation unpredictable. Near the end of the game, I found myself needing to focus more on strategy for clearing the board rather than reacting to what was coming at me. Strangely enough, it did put me in a slight moments of Zen.

I did rage a bunch while playing One Finger Death Punch. Sometimes, its kinda hard not to. But trying to figure out WHY you're raging and then going into a deep self introspective state of Zen is enlightening. It feels like... I know Kung Fu. NOPE WAIT. FUCK THIS DAGGER STAGE.

>SCORE = -57;


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