Monday, September 15, 2014

Completionist 2014: Electronic Super Joy

Trying to make up for some seriously lost ground here. I was finally able to nail down Electronic Super Joy.

First saw this game played by Steam Train when it was still in early release. It looked really fun and the music was very catchy. The game is a platformer with an extra mechanic inserted here and there. The thing is, this game makes up for those simple mechanics by requiring precision platforming. Something along the same lines as No Time To Explain or Super Meatboy. And I am terrible at that. I was somehow able to shlog my way through it and finally beat it. But I did have some pretty rage moments that had me checking youtube videos to see if there was some sort of trick that I was oblivious of. Most of the time it boiled down to "STOP BEING BAD AND PLAY THE GAME." This game seriously put my ego in check.

>SCORE = -76


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