Thursday, January 25, 2018

Is This Thing On? (Part Deux)

Testing. Testing. Is this thing still on? Its been a while since I've last posted anything here. This year is actually the 10th anniversary of the Holynub Report being online. Which is just bananas to me. It does feel like a world away from when things first started. I've been kinda humming and hawing about what I should do with the domain and the site. And at this point, I'm gonna say LET IT RIDE BABY. The long hiatus from me has really been due to pie related things. But that's not a story for this site.

At the beginning, I was looking to do more of a "GAEMZ JURNALIZM" type of blog. But I think that's a bit played out now. I could do reviews of games, but I do run into the problem of not always finishing games or having games that I really like to play that are in early access. So, I'll probably try to write about games still, but maybe in a less serious business style. Not like I've ever written anything here "professionally."

In addition to trying to write a bit more, I'm also thinking about expanding more on what I write here. I usually just go on about my vidjya gaems and haven't really expanded out into my other nerdom realms. I'm probably going to make a change to that too.

First, I'm really into mechanical keyboards. Like, THEY ARE THE LIFE BLOOD levels of "into". Mechanical keyboards are man's greatest invention. Don't think so? FIGHT ME. The craftsmanship, the engineering, the SOUNDS. OHHHH GOD. The clickity clackity sounds. Its ear sex while having real sex with myself. Is that weird? Yeah, that's weird. BUT THAT'S WHAT ITS LIKE. And like the finer things in life, everyone's got their kink. So why not write about it?

And secondly, I'm going to start a little segment for anime I've watched. Woah woah woah, HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. We doing an anime blog now? Not really. I'm slowly beginning to notice that I can't remember all the goddamn anime I've watched. This first started when I re-watched Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. I sat there and re-watched the ENTIRE SERIES. And there was a little voice in the back of my head saying "Hey... This seems familiar..." And only by the 6th episode did I realize, "I watched this show like 5 years ago." Did I still enjoy it? Yeah, it was fun. But with all the shit anime available to watch in the world, maybe I need to write my notes down just so I know if I've been there and done that. I'm thinking about writing these articles more as a letter to myself in the future. That way I can hit home the whole "EY! You've watched this! So move on!" And maybe if it was a really good show, I'll watch it again.

SO anyway, here's to 2018 and to a decade of sporadic updates! w0rd


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