Sunday, July 27, 2008

I AM NUB!(Wow rant)

So... I've had this thing up for a while. Haven't done a WoW post yet. Amazing. I r did a good job. BUT NOT FOR LONG!

If there's anyone that I don't know that's reading this, I play a NE priest named Holynub on Dragonblight(US) server. And I die alot. That is all. But nawwww, I r good playar.

Anyway, a canadian eh dude I know started doing a pug Hyjal a couple weeks ago. I've got minimal experience doing Hyjal. Prior I've only gone up to Anatheron and wiped on him because retards don't know how to run to the tank when they have an infernal on them. ANYWAY, so I went yesterday to see all the hubbub was about. First time i've raided on my priest in a couple months already. And it got me to thinking. Boy I love my priest.


There are lots of priest cry babies online. Check the forums and you'll find all of them. Wahhhh my healing sucks. Wahh druids are better at pvp than we are. Wahhh my DPS sucks. Wahhh I specced for lightwell. Jesus. Just because we're not OP, people turn into blubbering dumbasses. Me, I like playing my priest. I can DPS, I can heal, I can tank people. I don't mind some of the weaknesses, because there are still lots of strengths. Playing a priest, it make-a me feel gewd.


That be my most common phrase I say when I go shadow. No, it's not because I do lots of damage. It's because I'm a retard and I start mah pew pew waaaaaayyyyy too early. Ask my brother Kek. He'll tell ya. You know what... I take that back. That's probably the only thing i say when I'm in a group. Now that I think about it... I pull a lot of aggro. YESSSSS. I don't know why. That makes me happy. Fade? What is this "fade" you speak of? Shush! It dosn't exist! I didn't train it! I didn't spec for it.

Holynub, the other other white meat

For anyone who has raided with me, you all know I die alot. Ohhh back in the day, back when Molten Core was serious business. That was where the Holy legacy was made. Those goddamn Lava Packs. Here's an exerpt of some of the vent conversations.

(Raid Leader): Lets pull the lava packs. Going.
(2 secs later)
(Me): Oh crap.
(Raid Warning): Holynub has died
(Me): Using Soul Stone, I'm up.
(3 secs later)
(Raid Warning): Holynub has died
(Raid Leader): Holy's dead, get a battle rez him
(Me): Thanks (druid name)
(3 secs later)
(Raid Leader):Oh goddamnit.
(Raid Warning): Holynub has died
(Raid Leader):Battle rez him
(Me): Oh please no...

Man, that was back before they added rez timers. Those were dark times. And by dark, I mean expensive.

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