Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Testing? Is this thing on?

Check. Check. Check 1 2. Check. Sybballys. How the hell do you spell that? Whatevers. This thing on? *poke poke*

Alright, if anyone's actually reading this. Go outside. Go mow the lawn or play catch with yourself or whatever kids these days do. Cuz if you're reading this, you have too much free time.

What? Still there? Gawd. Fine, you know what this is? It's a blog. But seriously, it's just a random collection of thoughts and/or/maybe/ihavent'decidedyetwhattodo/ reviews on... stuff.... That is what a blog is right? I am hoping/praying/meditating/interpretive dancing/ that this dosn't get big and consume my life and I'll be one of THOSE guys. You know, THOSE GUYS, the ones that gotta update thier blog every freakin waking moment of their lives. Well, here's hoping.

What is this? An interview? Me? Who me? WHO YOU! seeing as you're still around I guess i'll throw some things out there, that way if you're still listening, you'll know WTF this is about, and where I'm coming from. I'm hoping to keep this primarily one of them fancy shmancy video game blogs or what not. What kind of games you say? Many games. And perhapse my ideas and thoughts and whatnot on the state of the industry and other things that most people dont' care about but it keeps me awake at night while the ninjas on the front lawn try to take my barbell off the front rack of the dvd player in my pants. Cocaine's a hellve a drug. But srsly, It's just a gaming blog. No more, and... yeah.. just no more. If somehow it gets all not-gaming philosophical BS, just ignore it, it'll prolly be just a dumbass phase. People tend to do that. Just read some old material and remember the good ole days. Which at the current moment is now...

You play games? no kiddin. Welcome to the club of "majority of the population." Yes, games are main-stream, DUH. And with this internet contraption it's making people with opinions about games more vocal and yadda yadda. So this is my 2 cents/2.4yen/1023790347031pesos/.1 euros. I think some of those conversions are accurate. i think. So if you like my opinions on this game or you enjoy my attempts at comedic writing please read on. If you don't, then stop reading. It's like hitting yourself in the gonads with a hammer. If you don't like it, STOP. If you cant' stop, then you might want to see a doctor for that. Hope i don't catch that.

"And now, On with the show." - that dude from Kara that starts the Opera House Event


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