Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hawt n00 g43mz

Yeah... It's my turn. Lets dig around in the ol' grab bag and see what we can dig up. There's a lot of stuffs comin out that I'm looking forward to. I'll sans the obligatory World of Warcraft expansion. Cuz I think deep down, everyone knows they want it.

Ahhh the Star Ocean franchise. How I do enjoy it. You know, come to think of it. I haven't really had a chance to play the first two games. I've only played the third installment on the PS2. It was fun. Combat system was interesting, it had a nice convoluted story line, retardedly large crafting system. Now lets see what it's successor has to offer. From initial reports(Which is VERY initial) it's going to be action driven similar to the 3rd installment. 3d action swing sword swoosh swooosh kill stuff get loot move on with life. Yeah, that about sums it up.

Expectations:I gotta admit. I do have high hopes for this game. Why? Cuz it hits my genre dead on. I like fantasy sci-fi. It's got beam swords and futuristic ships and gunz and swoosh swoosh kill stuff get loot move on with life. I like that. Like Phantasy Star Online. Make me feel goooood.

Pitfalls:Usually one of the most problematic things with action oriented RPG games is the general IQ of your party members. Sometimes they're pretty compitent. While in other cases, they're goddamn blubbering idiots that have melee characters casting stupid spells while healers are meleeing. Also, I hope they keep the tech factor high on this one. Some of the other Star Oceans did a lot of "Past meets Present" kind of deals. I mean, it's cool and all. But I love seeing the high tech.

Ahhhhhh. My love. This has got to be one of the BEST RPGS EVER FUCKING MADE BY THE HANDS OF MEN GUIDED BY GOD/BUDDHA/SATAN/NATURE/ALL OF THE PRIOR COMBINED IN ONE. That's how good this goddamn game is. And no. I'm not exaggerating.Expectations:I... Kind of am guessing this game will stick to it's roots. I mean, IT FUCKING BETTER. It's like telling perfect to be more perfect. IT CAN'T. However! It can be built upon. So in all of their additions to the game, I expect them to keep the caliber of story/items/encounters at the same level as the original. If they do that, then I can happily walk around with a 2 foot erection and life will be good.

Hmmm... Well, I guess I am worried about playing it on the DS. I hope they don't try to do any stupid ass gimmicky touch screen bullshit. That'll be like taking a perfectly good cheeseburger. And wiping your ass with it. It's like, WHY!? YOU COULD'VE EATEN THAT CHEESEBURGER!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!?!??!?!?!!11111

All right. I'll admit. This game just hits my weak spot. There probably is no merit in playing this game for anything "Unique" or "Original" in the gameplay/story. BUT GODDAMNIT, THERE'S GUNDAMS IN THIS FUCKING GAME. AND THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

GUNDAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG FUCKING ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Pitfalls:I already know all the crappy things about this series. I guess, the only way they could make it worse... Would be to remove mobile suits from this game... Then I'd just have to doo doo in a box and mail it to Koei.

This game does peak my interest somewhat. I mean, I like the co-op idea of the game. Survival horror with co-op. And if you die. You become a zombie boss and you get to fuck all your former teammates for letting you die.
Expectations:I demand that this game have good co-op. It's not a polite suggestion. It better be fucking goddamn amazing. That is all. Team oriented, survival. I likez itz.
Of course theres always the chance that they might fuck up the co-op. Or maybe the game might have repetitive scenarios. Again, I'm not looking for much from this game, just co-op. Do it wrong, and go fuck yourself valve.

Ahh, Kingdom Hearts. So brilliantly done. I was quite disappointed when they announced the Chain of Memories game for GBA exclusive back in the day. But Square-Enix, you have redeemed yourself. Granted, this game has already been released in Japan for... God, almost 2 years or so. But no matter. Better late than never I guess.

I've already seen some of the gameplay from trailers and movies from the Japanese release. I'm pretty well aware of what's involved here. Hard to expect something that you've already seen before. I guess I expect them to keep the high level of voice acting they've had in the past two PS2 games.

Pitfalls:Terrible voice acting or even changing the voice actors from the other two games. If it ain't broke, don't fuck with it. I guess it could also be bad if they fucked up the localization and the script for this game. BUUUUT it's the Kingdom Hearts team. I have faith in them.... For now...

Final Fantasy XIII YEAHHHH. And if any of you smart asses say "DERRRR Final Fantasy XIII is on the 360 too DERRRR." I'ma find a way to jump through the goddamn internet and cock punch you. This game was built and developed for the motherfucking PS3. It's like McDonalds suddenly starts selling fucking Whoppers and onion rings. Just because Microsoft gave Square-Enix a handjob under the table at E3, dosn't give grounds for this game to be released on the 360. ANYWAY. Oh Final Fantasy. How we love you. Well, at least I do.

Well. I expect alot. I expect superb graphics. Amazing story line. Superior sound. Decent to good voice acting. Mini games. LOTS OF SHIT TO DO. Yeah... But then again, most people tend to expect that from every Final Fantasy.

Hmmm. I guess Final Fantasy can do wrong things sometimes. For example, many didn't like Final Fantasy XII's combat system. Maybe they'll touch up on that. Which does bring up the question, how will the combat gameplay look for the entire game. Sure we've seen some kickass cut scene quality combat, but how does that translate to normal gameplay. When we're out killing random baddies in the world. If it's always cinematic like that, how long will it be till we're like, OH GOD JUST GET IT OVER WITH. And of course, with a game that has such high expectations, any little fault will be grounds for people to flame it. So lets see it Square-Enix. Bring out the big guns for this.

Lets see it
Well, that's a small sample of the games I'm lookin forward to in the future. Will they live up to my "Holy" expectations? Only time will tell. Till then, I will hope and speculate... And play other games.


  1. gundams ftw. Where's my freaking online multiplayer KOEI. Also I'm playing WAR for now.

  2. Ho nah, join us on wartbad! Destruction side only! I'm holynub and BLM's shammy is called Dot, kek's name is kekeikimomona or something like that.