Friday, September 19, 2008

I played WAR and I think I like it.

I hope WOW don't mind it.

Well... That's enough Katie Perry for now. But yes. I've dabbled in the realm of non-wow games. AGAIN. There be many reasons for this. Primarily, with the announcement of Wrath of the Lich King expansion this coming november, I have lost the need to play wow. Yes, I could grind more gear. But for what? So it can all become obsolete in two months? Nurf that, I'm gonna do something more constructive with my time.


Alrighty then. Lets see here. What's this now... After much clicking and d/ling and crap, I PLAY! HmmMmMm. Because I don't want to deal with the big box of stupid which comprise 90% of the alliance on WOW, I'm going to roll the bad guys. DESTRUCTION BIATCHES!

One noticable thing about WAR, they spell out the classes as soon as you pickum. For example, I am rolling this thing called a Zealot. It is a Healer. That's explicitly what it says as soon as you click on the avatar. And that's about it. I mean, it's got some Debuffing and buffing capabilities, but overall it's supposed to be a healer. Meh, I can deal with that. Holynub rides again!

Soooo.. Where the hell am I?

OK. I'll admit. I am seriously fucking lost in this game. I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground. See, this is what happens when you play one MMO for way to fucking long. You're not flexable. Can't adapt and "enhance" (Clicky noises) "enhance" (more clicky noises) "enhance" (clicky clicky). Ok, that's enough super troopers. So... I kind of run around and kill crap randomly. I right click and talk to all these NPCs and stuff. Get quests. Do things. I still don't feel 100% comfortable with my surroundings still. It's probably just the WOW talking still.

Boy it's dark in here...

War goes for the more "Lord of the Rings" style of environments. It's a lot darker, not as cartoony as WOW. Some people like that. Personally, I don't. As far as aesthetics go for MMOs. The less realistic, the better. I really do like WOW's contrast in areas. One area is significantly different than others. I can't say that I've explored all areas of WAR, but from what i've seen. Not too impressed.


Alright. I suck at PVP. But goddamnit I like it. And this game. Whew... They r do some things right here. You can GRIND UP LEVELS doing pvp. FROM LEVEL 1! As soon as you make your character, you can queue yourself for "scenario" pvp. That's basically battlegrounds from wow. They have different scenarios for different levels. Not sure how it works for different levels. There will be more on this in the future once I figure out everything. Nextly, Grinding in PVP as a healer is NOT THAT BAD/GOOD. You can sit back and heal people, and the person you're healing basically beats on people. This gives both of you EXP. Now, if you're healing lots of people at the same time while they wail on people. YOU GET EXP FOR ALL OF IT! HOWEVER!!!! If your team is sucking hard and not doing any damage and just taking it up the butt. Yeah.. You get nothing. But it is kind've fun grinding out almost a full level just doing BG's.

Also, there are PVP rankings from 1 to.. I think 40. Basically it's a separate exp system. As you PVP more, you get what's known as "Renown." Renown is kind of like your PVP level. By increasing it, it allows you access to better pvp gear and also special talents. It's complicated. I'm not even that far along, so we'll just call it a black box of pvp stuff.

So here we go

Well, that's Holy's first heal into the new, maybe even exciting world of... Warhammer. Hmmm. Still gotta get over WOW. At least until the expansion.


  1. cool, I have been intrigued with War and AoC, but not really able to commit to another time and wallet drain atm. This will be interesting to see how you progress. Some screenshots would be fun too.

  2. Yeah, screens will be in an edit later on. Still trying to grind

  3. What server are you on? Me and Evikor are on Ulthuan Destruction side.

  4. I'm also holding off on getting Fallout 3, because I'm not sure which system it'll be best on. You should check out the older games, they're pretty awesome, and available in a white box dvd with all of the pc games on there (the PS2 abomination Brotherhood of Steel won't be of course.) Pip Boy is awesome and you can shoot people in the groin.