Thursday, December 24, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS! From the Holynub Report

 It's that time of the year again.  Time for the whole gift giving and happy and the extra weight gain.  HURRAH!!  Soon, the fat man will be visiting peoples houses and eat their cookies.  Ohhh so delicious cookies.  And he bears gifts!

Well, here at the Holynub Report, as we are fat men ourselves, also bear gifts!  Perhaps, even more awesome than his.  Well, i think it is.  Wat!?  Ey!  At least i don't eat your cookies...  OR DO I!?

Very accurate chart

Well, we've been pretty dormant the past year.  Did a bunch of stuff.  Had do the whole finish school thing.  But now I'm back!  And unemployed!  But not really, but kinda.  So, now that I have a less hectic schedule(at least in theory) I'm gonna try to post more things on the site.  What kind of things you ask?  Why MANY THINGS MY DEAR WATSON!

Most games(& gamers) are

Probably won't do formal "review" reviews anymore.  They take up a lot of time, and I hate breaking games down to their bare bits and ANALyzing them.  I'll leave that to Yahtzee at Zero Punctuation to do that.  He does it better and has a british accent, so he's got 2 up on me there.  There will be articles on games, but they will be more of a "Woah there's this gaem.  And i played it.  And it was awesome because." 


Social commentary pieces.  Yeahhh might tone those down a bit.  I reread a couple of them.  Though interesting, I think we need to get off the soap box and back to the buffet line.  We'll do one every now and then, but other than ranting about how stupid people are, I'd rather rant about games.

You wish you were this awesome

Hope everyone likes the new layout.  I do.  Gonna browse around for some kewl gadgets for the sides.  ALso, you can share this crap with other social medias yayz!  Go on, clik it!  You can tweet it or even post it to facebook.  Ishnt dat vierd?  Kept with the dark background with white text theme.  Learned that from Maddox.  It is much easier to read things on a monitor if they have a dark background and white text.  It just is.  I programmed a lot of shit in college.  Staring at a white screen looking at lines of code.  Yeah, kinda shitty if you're doing that for 13389083014 hours.  If you don't, well find me something better damnit!  Link it in comment or somethin. 

Merry Christmas

I got some other kewl ideas in the works.  If you got any requests or things to check out, just droppem in the comment or email me at .  Happy holidays everyone!


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