Friday, October 15, 2010

World of Warcraft: Tier 11 Raid Gear

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  It's time for some Cataclysm previews!  Well..  More of them.  Looks like the folks at MMO champ have thrown up a bunch of previews of the new raiding tier gear.  Lets have a look shall we?

Death Knight
Woah.  This is some bad ass armor.  I mean... Look at it.  It's all fiery and shit.  Goddamn, that's got Death Fucking Knight written all over it.  Is that a fucking crown?  By god.  It's like you're the goddamn Lich King.  These are awesome!

Alright fucking Paladins.  Oh yeah lets do this.  Guardians of the light mother fuckers.  Lets... Uhh... Lets...  What the fuck is this?  Those shoulders look like they're trying to eat me.  What the hell.  Some kinda bird-man-rock-face helmet?  Man what the hell!?  Goddamnit.  I'm swapping back to my DK.

Pfft.. Hehehehehehhee.  ha ha... BUWAHAHHAHHAHHA.  Oh my god. Really?  Really?  They look like they're being eaten by a fucking naga or something.  Ohh man.  Yeah dudes, that looks realllllllllll coool.  Pfftt.....  Just goes to show that Hunters are a bunch of Nagas.

Wow.  Is that a flaming fucking skull?  That's some bad ass shit there.  It's all like... FWOOSH!  Man that's cool looking.  Goddamn mages.  Now they're doing like 20k dps, and soon they're going to get flaming fucking skulls as heads.  Must be good being ranged.

 Two words.  Lightwell Shoulders.  Maybe we'll add another word.  LAWL.  Because lightwell is stll lawl after the patch.  Wait wait.  Maybe it's a new mechanic for mana regen for priests.  Finally, all we do is drink out of our shoulders.  There we go.  Bam instant water.  Anyone else find it a little wierd how the female version shows off so much skin?  Like a belly dancer?  Bom chiki wow wowww.

I'm only previewing the female version on this one.   It... Looks ok?  The shoulders look like old rogue shoulder models.  With the whole spikey things.  Which tier was that... Tier 5?  Ahh I don't remember.  Only thing I have an issue with is that helmet.  What the hell man?  It's like a snake thingy?  There's a little dangly part on it.  It looks like they got cartoonishly smacked upside the head with an iron bar or something.  And it twisted itself around the head.

Now this isn't too terrible.  The helmet kinda reminds me of what Deathwing is supposed to look like.  Look at that chin. Jay Leno ain't got shit on that chin.  Those shoulders are kinda cool crystal spikey thing.  But that kinda reminds me of Paladin Tier 5.  Just more clumped and pointed rather than scattered crystal.

WTF... Druids get to chose between pants and a robe?  I think there might be some upset people on this one.  Probably just shamans and paladins.  Some paladins dig the robe look(I do.  But that's because I think Pally T2 is the best set evar), others want leg plates.  Recently we've been getting both.  But druids?  Rearry?  Interesting bird-man scheme here.  Are those feathers falling off the shoulders?  Cuz if they are, that's badass.  In the middle one, i see lightning or something from the helm.  Kewl.  Still... Something about it looks... Weird.  Cool effects.  Design... Not diggin the bird man.  Sorry Tony Hawk.

Ok.  I don't know how i feel about this one.  I like the fire effects.  But the armor... Makes them look like something out of the mummy. Is that a Turbin? Are they supposed to be some kind of flaming snake charmer? I know pops definitely hates the fire effect on it. He said it's not sneaky or rogue-y enough. I halfway agree with him on it. I still think the gigantic ball of fire look is always badass though.

Snicker.  Snicker snicker.  You guys look dumb.  Seriously, the helmet reminds me of Charlie Brown's ghost costume.  Look, the fucking thing is literally just a bunch of cloth haphazardly slapped together.  Stick some dumbass horns on it.  What?  We only got one side of the horn?  Ahh fuck it, just slap on another one of the other side.  Yeah that'll work.  Lawl.   The rest of the outfit, I can't really complain too much.  It looks not terrible.  But that helmet.  BOY OH BOY.

I think that's the last of them.  I hope you enjoyed this tiny preview.  What's the stats on these mother fuckers?  I don't know.  That's the last thing they do. What with all the "FINE TUNING" and shit.  For some it's something to look forward to in the expansion.  While for others(most) it will be something to dread.  Be ready to click that "Show Helmet" option off.


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