Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Armored Core 5 Controller Grip

Alright. This has me in a stupor. Like, when Blizzard announced pet battles at Blizzcon 2011 kind of stupor. The following video is a controller configuration for Armored Core V. This basically flips the controller around and you play it... I.... Fuck, I don't know what the hell is going on. Not sure if serious.

Controllers today are designed to function in a certain way. And I think it works pretty well. The way it grips, the way your have access to the buttons. I'm finding it difficult to justify the need to play this way. If the controller scheme is that technical and complicated, I think there may be something fundamentally wrong with the controls, not the controller. Or if you're going to make something that complicated, at least man up and make a bad ass mega-mech controller for it.

Now this is a proper Mecha Controller
I dunno. To me... It somehow feels dirty. Like you're not supposed to grab a controller that way. And I don't know why.. But this T-Shirt(kinda NSFW) came to mind.

Also, in searching for that Steel Battalion Controller image, I ran across a site that may have given me a new reason to live(http://steelbattalionnet.codeplex.com/):

Words.... Cannot... Describe... The Joy...


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