Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Completionist 2014: April Additions

I... I couldn't help myself. The bundle... Looked good. My will crumbled and I purchased the Reboot 3.0 Bundle from Bundle Stars. And I must say, my free time is horribly paying for it.

They had a discount going that dropped the price from $3 to $2. TWO DALLAHS! I could almost buy a bottle of soda with that $1 savings! I did have a few doubles so not all of the bundle will count against me. Yesssssssssssssssss.

Bundle Stars Reboot Bundle 3.0

  • Rune Classic
  • X Blades (Already owned)
  • Hoard
  • Ion Assault (Already owned)
  • Knights and Merchants
  • Planets Under Attack
I primarily picked up the bundle for Knights and Merchants. Ching had only good things to say about the game and he also picked up the bundle specifically for it. For a game that's almost 20 years old, there is a very active community and a crazy good mod called KAMRemake that helps to modernize the game. If you decide to start playing, I would suggest checking out at .

So Ching and myself have been playing a lot of Knights & Merchants Remake COOP missions and wasting a ton of time. And I it is really starting to drive my INFRASTRUCTURE bug. Games like Anno 2070, Tropico, and Banished. Actually... I don't have banished. NOOOOOO.. I'll probably wait a bit till it goes on sale... But its definitely on the list. I did cave in and pickup another INFRASTRUCTURE sim game called Craft the World

Craft the world plays like a cross between Terraria/Starbound/Minecraft and Knights & Merchants/Banished/Gnomoria/Dwarf Fortress. So rather than you build your entire house and dig for stuff, you assign NPC's to do all the work for you. The crafting uses a craft grid, just like Minecraft. There is a foreground and background tiles, like Terraria/Starbound. Your workers need to eat/sleep/be happy just like KaM/Banished. Lots of similarities. I'm enjoying it, and hopefully I can "Beat" it. 

Well... This put a dent into my plans. Goddamnit.

SCORE - 5;
>SCORE = -5


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