Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Completionist 2014: Shooter Trio (Metal Slug 3, Broforce, Expendabros)

Awwwwwwwwww yis. Soo many 2D sidescrolling shooters! And I'm just nailing them all down. Such reflexes. Very asian. I'm glad to get this ball rolling on hammering down my backlog and finally getting on with... Buying more games. BUT WHO CARES!?

Metal Slug is a classic 2D side scroller that has probably eaten more quarters from me than any other game. There's something timeless about the gameplay. You move right, and shoot things. There's a good variety of weapons for you to pickup by rescuing captured POWs. They really haven't strayed from that formula since forever. The artstyle is always a constant, with brilliantly animated sprites that really make the game look good. Even though they've been making Metal Slugs for almost a two decades, I still feel like you can pick any of them up and really enjoy yourself.

Broforce is TECHNICALLY still in early release. However, I did complete both the arcade campaign as well as the mission campaign. Though, I don't think they have fully finished the last part of the mission campaign, I feel like I've sufficiently done enough to call myself a BRO. Broforce brings together the greatest action heroes of our time into one insane shooter. I really get a kick out of seeing all the memorable characters they've thrown in the game. I've had the game since it first went on sale and I am so happy to see how the roster has grown over time. They started with the classics like RamBRO, B.A. Broacus, and the Brommando. Since then they've expanded the roster to over 21 characters and growing. It is an awesome homage to old school action movies as well as a very fun 2D shooter. My only complaint would be sometimes there's too many explosions, and it makes it hard to figure out where your character is. I know rite? My only complaint is there's TOO MANY FUCKING EXPLOSIONS. Granted they are always glorious, the problem is you sometimes lose your little character sprite in the midst of all the glorious carnage. Still. Awesome game bros.

You know, when you really think about it. The Expendables is basically everything Broforce was trying to be in the first place. It makes total sense that they'd mash the two. And they also get proper licensing. Holy shit. This is an actual movie tied in game that doesn't suck horribly. By god, its like a fucking unicorn from the gaming world. Would be cool if they'd import the Expendabros into Broforce because they actually gave them some really cool moves.

>SCORE = -57


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