Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tower Defense: THE GAME!

OMG what the hell? So many freakin posts all at once? Yeah, well that is how it works, deal with it noobs!

So anyway, been posting a lot of talky blah blah posts, so here is some actual gaming info for you guys. The video is from Chris Pirillo, who is kind of like if Colin Farrel had a cousin, who was as geeky and nerdy as Colin Farrel is cool, it's this guy. If you are new to Tower Defense I would recommend watching the video, because it takes you through the eyes of a novice, but if you get annoyed with him like I did, you can watch pure gameplay shtuff here. Chris used to host the Tech TV show "Call for Help" opposite the beautiful and talented Morgan Webb.

Put the joysticks down boys. Don't make me post a picture of Carrot top to calm you down.

BTW the award for FUCKING HOTTEST GIRL EVER that shares a similar hobby as me goes to... Morgan Webb. With Eva Longoria in a close second with wood burning. heh... she totally gets MY wood on fire... ANYWAY, game blog!

So yeah if you tit junkies could wrestle away your interest for a few moments to talk about the game above called Defense Grid by the awesome and hard working folks at Hidden Path Entertainment. I haven't played the game. However, it looks like a really decent polished product of a game genre that really hasn't been approached in anything more complex then warcraft and starcraft mods and flash applications. I admit I played a ton of TDs on WC III. Some of my Favorites were Gem TD, Elemental TD and a variety of the Duke Wintermal TDs.

Anyway, if you were as obsessed as I was and need a new fix, this is probably a good bet, especially at $20, it's very affordable. If you are new to the genre, I would also give it a shot, because the concept behind Tower Defense works because it is essentially a simple concept, which can be expanded upon and grows with the player's understanding of the game's parameters. Tons and tons of replay value if they did this right and it looks like they did. (this post actually took longer then usually because I kept gawking at Morgan, I'm such an idiot.)

You did this to yourself.


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