Monday, December 29, 2008

When I get that feeling...

I want... To play a... PROT PALLY! PROT PALLY BABY! TANKIN YEAH! Yup, I'm getting the urge. THE URGE TO TANK. Next time you see me I'll probably be 5/57/9. At least, that's the plan until kek tells me to STFU and get back to ret.


  1. yeah dude I would go for it. Our MT is a pally tank and he wrecks shop. Although Ret is pretty OP right now.

  2. Speaking of Prot pallys... Do et! Tanking is so much fucking fun! Not to mention it makes you feel op when the rogue pops up behind you and tickles you through a stun only to have you turn around and knock him out with your shield-bash-wanna-be.

    ^_~ go for it man.