Sunday, December 14, 2008

WOW the destroyer of worlds

It seems like the article about WoW making people flunk out of college (the original, not ours) has garnered attention from some fellow bloggers. A particular favorite of mine Bannable Offenses decided to chime in. I really love his blog and read it regularly. It's an interesting comedic look into the world from the other side of the monitor glass, the GMs. Now, I can relate. I was actually Lead GM for a now Debunct Korean MMORPG called Ferentus. I was known only by my forum avatar which was a picture of Ukyo from Samurai showdown and the alias Avarice.


So on a side note, I was looking online for any remnants of this game on the internet and found this gem in the link provided.
"Each civilization may make various alliances or conflicts, and overall soil themselves in the world of Ferentus."
WTF!?? overall soil themselves? Are they wearing overalls? Are they just being really thorough about the soiling? Does the land of Rog have a gastroenterological crisis on their hands or more acurately in their overalls? Seriously, who writes this shit? No wonder no one played that game. I wouldn't play something either if I was told there was a chance that I WOULD LOSE CONTROL OF MY BOWELS.

Dude 1: hey man I just got the new copy of Call of Duty: World at War, it's so awesome it'll make you shit yourself.
Dude 2: Awesome man! So it's intense huh?
Dude 1: yeah it's really intense. The collector's edition comes with this urban camo diaper.
Dude 2: ...
Dude 1: oh look and there is the logo.
Dude 2: Wait, wait, wait, you actually shit yourself?
Dude 1: Yeah man, it's like this weird accidental thing kinda like the brown noise but for interactive entertainment. They stumbled on it while they were developing. Oh man and there is 4 player multiplayer... kinda... with 2 xboxes.
Dude 2: Fuck that shit. I am outtie.
Dude 1: Where you going man? Dude, I totally got you your own diaper!!! It's not like we'd have to share!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah Bannable Offenses, posted some shit on the same topic and I danced and giggled like a little school girl. Granted I didn't have to dress up like one, but I feel it really added to the mood.

visual approximation

So yeah... WoW is making kids drop out of college? That is nothing, the MMORPG I worked for apparently made people shit themselves. Fuck you FCC, get your priorities straight. Oh btw, this unpleasant trip down memory lane has inspired me to recount my horrendous horror stories in a segment I am going to call TRUE LIFE: I WAS A MMORPG GM or Ban Stick of Epic Retribution: the life of a MMORPG GM.

Anyway, props to Bannable Offenses. You are teh pwnage. I mean the guy feeds people that make stupid petitions to his dragon. You have no idea how much I wish I thought of that.


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