Thursday, January 14, 2010

ZOMG Armory Updated!

What is this?!  WHAT IS THIS?!  Looks like the armory got an update.  Wooohhh, it's got some cool thingies.  Lets see.  Gonna put our RSS on the side here.  Wooh 3D profile.  Lets try this one out.

Hooo man.  That's pretty slick.  I look soo bad ass.  Lets see herr.  What else what else.  Wooh i can change poses, and animations on the model.  Hey look, i'm playing with myself. ...  Wait...   Not like that.  Anyway, pretty kewl!


  1. Welcome to like yesterday brah. Me and Uttrs spoke of the terribleness that is BLM's spec and glyphs.