Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raid night shenanigans!

WOOH!  Guess what!  It's farm night!  Yayyyyyyyyy.  Man.  I love farm nights.  You can just do stupid shit, and there's a 98% chance that it won't suck as bad as progression nights.  You get loots, it's easy because people know what the fuck is going on.  Yeah it's old content.  But hey, it's a good time to dick around with different things. 

Please ignore the fact that this Blood DK is dual wielding. KTHXBAI
You know what, I'm gonna go as a Blood DK tonight.  YEAH!  FUCK UNHOLY DK's.  Yeah, I said it.  Fuck them and their dumbass ghouls and gargoyles and shit.  Bone armor?  More like BONED armor am i rite?  I hate having to spec unholy.  Them and their snobby top raid dps capabilities.  Bullshit, I want to be mediocre!  HURRAH!  Who wants to see lots of Heart strikes!?  Cammaaaannnn.  Yeah, I'm doin it.  IT IS DONE.
Anyone else find this picture badass?  Cuz I do.
Ahhh.  Oh yeah.  I also got PEGGLE!  So Bejeweled is riding the bench for a bit.  I got a new hotness to burn the time we take sitting around giving out buffs.  Which is roughly 13 mins a pull on progression nights.  I've timed it.  Now I can duel with other people's balls, plink balls off of stuff, I can even make my balls more talented.  And then I'll play peggle.  Add this to the list of things I can do during raid to wipe us. 

Well to watch all the shenanigans just tune into my raid stream.  Raid starts at 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time.  You know the link: http://www.holynub.com/2010/02/more-holynub-raid-streams.html

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  1. Sorry guys. Interwebs decided to be retarded. And I wanted to kill myself as blood.