Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holy's Dev Diary 3

The Legend Continues!

Well... It's friday.. I got home from my job.  And I got shit to do.  Lets get developing

Well... I got it to do stuff... Now my next task is interacting with the damn thing.  So far it's only called on a single trigger.  I need it to be poked at and give some feedback.  Time to hit the web.

starting to look at things like WoW ace as library function things.  Do i want this?  I think I'll try to get simple things done without the libaries. And then after that I'll look into using them.

Holy god. Wowprogramming has a ton of fucking API functions listed.  It's almost mind blowing.  This will be a most valuable resource.

I guess for a simple exercise, I will just do a /holyadd and have it return "STOP POKING ME" .  Now how the hell do I do that.

After much searching. I have found what i've been looking for.  Funny. I did a quick google search of "wow addon slash command" and i was returned an addon page in wowwiki.  How lucky.  now lets see if this works.

Hmmmm... either i'm doing it wrong... or I'm missing something here. I did find some cool tools and utilities at the wowprogramming website.  I didn't know that wowprogramming was an actual book I "should" buy. but then again... I don't read ever...

Buwaha! Success!  I've just completely ripped someone's code off from the forums... But it's a start.  At least I'm starting to get the ideas. I basically created a function that takes in arguments. if one says "show" then it will print "show" anything else will print "else."  Unimpressive, but progress.

Well.  Apparently addons can handle regular expressions as well. Interesting.  Guess i'll have to polish off some old regex code i've written.

Huh.  Not too shabby.  Looks like I kinda got a decent grasp on how to do SIMPLE slash commands.  And I mean really fucking simple.  I think maybe I'll look to do a simple return on the table that's stored under this character's name... in fact... i'll try that now...

Well the simple getting the data from the "number of times seen" from a different part of the LUA was fine.  But grabbing the information for a different character proves to be more difficult than anticipated. i'm guessing it has to deal with sending the index as a string rather than... whatever the fuck it's sending it as now.  But i feel this is a good spot to break.  Not a ton of progress. but progress none the less.


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