Monday, March 7, 2011

Holy's Dev Diary Day 2

For those of you just tuning in, I'm running a diary to track my exploits of creating an Addon for world of warcraft.  And boy is it painful.  Enjoy the read.

Holy's Log... March 7th.. 2011. I continue my exploits from where I left off the day before.  It looks like the tutorial is getting into storing information.  Hopefully there's no fuckups in the tutorial code.

Looking at how LUA stores information in tables is interesting.  It reminds me of storing playerPrefs in Unity3D. Basically tables don't need to use numbers to create an index of information in a table, you can just use a string. Therefore when I need to call say something like Holynub["Deaths"], that will return the value stored there.

So while I've been reading my addon tutorial, some people in guild got an achievment.  And I said to myself, well that's a simple addon to do an exercise with.  I'll make an addon that congratulates people when they get an achievment. Good exerciese. Seems simple enough.  Debugging will be a little tricky... Seeing as how you'd have to wait for an achievment for it to work.  Maybe have a friend with a collectors edition pet create and delete lvl 1 alts with a mailbox or something.

Hmmmm another good idea has been suggested. Although it's implementation seems a bit far out of my reach ATM. The idea would be to gain access to a guildie's profession tab by right clicking on their portrait.  This would also need to assume that the said individual is within range of inspection. However, it does seem to be a need that could be easily fulfilled. I shall look into it more.

Well, this tutorial had a piece of logic that I didn't understand til I read thought he context of it.  Basically it was an if statment that I felt could be left out, but I see the intent was for "better" grammar. I think I'll try take it a step further and maybe get a better grasp on the language.

It appears in my arrogance to make it "better" i have fucked up something.  Goddamnit, I think there might be a mismatched parentheses or something somewhere.  Oh boy debugging adventures.

Goddamnit. I misspelt elseif.  This is the problem with too many funcking languages having the same fucking structure.  it's elseif here but else if in javascript and maybe even if then else elselselfslflsefjlawfjl;afjl;asejfaskl;fklasf damnit... It works...

Well... Minor nerd rage aside.  It works...  Was actually a little easier than I had "expected."  Well this is great and all, but it only gets me console output through events.  How do I interact with the motherfucking addon?  yet another adventure I shall save for tomorrow.


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