Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning to Addon 101

So... Holy's got a new adventure. I am going to use my "talents" to create an addon. I know you all must be thinking "ZOMG this is gonna go no where." Annnnd you might be right. But hey, I gotta try right? So, I'll be using this "Creating Your Own WoW Addon" guide to help me along here. So nice of some dude at MMO champ to post it. Hmmm... Now I am at a pass at if I should post all my development on my blog, ala The Social Network. Could be fun. Could be depressing. Ah hell, why not. it'd be a good diary.

Holy's Log 1:
I've setup a testing environment by copying my wow directory over to a new directory called WoW Debug. I've also deleted all of my cache, WTF, addons, and saved variable files. This gives me a clean slate to start development. Time to fire it up.

JESUS CHRIST DEFAULT YIN YANG HOLY GOD. It has been a while. Well, lets get those debugging addons and what not to help with development as suggested in the article. Grabbing PRAT 3.0 and Bugsack. Familiar with Prat, but not with bugsack. I'm guessing I will be in the very near future.

Adjusting some settings to optimize running. Maybe i should park my character in the middle of assfuck nowhere to reduce lag... Easier said than done, seeing as how none of my controls work because I've bartender'ed the shit out of my default UI. But no matter! To the mountains!

Continuing to read the article, I have created an addon folder called "HolyAdd" and placed it where all addons go. In said folder I have created 2 empty files through Notepad++(I'd use emacs if I was on a linux machine. Don't judge me damnit.) Pretty much copy pasted the code in from what was in the article, making the adjustments as needed. Things like Addon name, author, dependencies stuff like that. Hopefully this works.

TOC file finished. It's kinda like an h file. Pretty painless.

Copied over the LUA file. This, I might want to read a little carefully. It's the meat and potatoes of the damn thing. Well, everything looks in order. Time to fire up WoW and see my retarded little Hello World!

Fucking goddamnit. It's throwing an error. Time to start learning how to read the goddamn bugsack. God... How the fuck do you mess up a hello world for a tutorial!? I shouldn't be complaining but COME ON. I copy pasted the mother fucker. Yayyyy troubleshooting.

Error says the following
1x HolyAdd\HolyAdd.lua:4: unfinished string near ''WhyHelloThar ".. UnitName("Player"))'
Huh... That's kinda retarded... Wait... FUCKING EH. The first set of quotes in the "WhyHelloThar" is wrong. Goddamnit, he used two single quotes rather than a double quote. ./facepalm great to see that we're off to a roaring good start.  I shall let this lie for now.  Got work in the morning.


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