Friday, August 22, 2008

flash games on teh interwebnets part I

Chances are that you, like me, spend copious amounts of time on the interwebnets. You can watch TV shows, movies and play games. This weeks review is of flash games. Most hardcore gamers would scoff at internet flash games for being marketed towards casual gamers. For the most part this isn't unwarranted a lot of internet games are either too easy and/or simple conceptually or just flat out broken. There are a few gems out there that hit a sweet spot and are just simple enough, but strangely addicting to stimulate even the most hardened gaming veteran.

Part One is devoted to flash game sites that promote TV shows.

First up

There is a pretty good selection of games and game-types. I didn't have time to play all of them but I will give you a quick run-down of the ones that were worth mentioning.

Amateur Surgeon Act 3

This game mixes a morbidly humorous premise with challenging and interesting gameplay, which can sometimes borderline on frustrating. You are Alan Probe an aspiring surgeon, currently working as a pizza delivery boy. You start a grass-roots clinic in your garage with a pool table as a make-shift operating table (pictured above left) and a surgeon turned homeless person (who you hit with your delivery van in the first level) as your mentor. The game plays like Trauma Center for the wii, but with everyday tools used for surgery. The second level introduces a steep learning curve, which is where I began to feel frustrated. It took a couple of tries to understand exactly what the game wanted me to do. For instance you don't need to staple small wounds and using the lighter for too long can result in burning the patient alive. All in all a great game, which I am going to continue to play after this review is over.

Fairway to Hell

There is no satisfaction quite like taking a five-iron to your neighbors living room, but this comes in pretty close. It's essentially indoor golfing.
This game also had me bordered on challenged to completely aggroed. The weird camera angle that you are placed in for every level makes some of these shots completely aggrevating. In the screenshot above right, the shot on the roof had me cussing like a sailor. However, if you can manage to determine the orangish-red hole in one flag from the reddish-orange regular holes you are in for a spectacular domino effect. As if destroying these interiors wasn't fun enough, each hole has an animated surprise such as flying unicorns and man-eating spiderlike sofa robots.

Bible Fight

This has undoubtedly occupied the topic of many a stoned conversation. "Dude, who do you think would win in a fight, Jesus or Moses? I mean, yeah son of god and all, but Moses split the Red Sea, what would Jesus do, make the sea into wine?" If you felt so inclined you can settle these conundrums with Bible Fight. To be honest though, online fighting games alway seem awkward to me. This one is no exception. I tried out all the characters moves just to see the animations and found that basically each character has one good move, which immediately made it not fun anymore. It's funny but no replay value.

Action Genre

You'll notice that of the genre's adult swim listed I haven't reviewed any of the action titles. I tried both gigolo assassin and viva caligulo. However, I got bored with both games before I even got into any of what seemed like the interesting parts in the previews. Maybe I am just impatient, but it didn't seem worth it.

Best of the Bunch

Overall my favorite game of theirs was AMATEUR SURGEON act 3. It immediately grabbed my attention and held it. The morbid humor was definitely to my taste and the cut-scenes were short and to the point, which helped keep the pace. This game is accessible to new and/or casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike.

next week... more shite!


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